Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MAIN ZINDAGI HOON nominated for BEST SOCIAL MOVIE at the Miniboxoffice International Film Festival

Director and Writer Prashant Bhilare's debut short film "MAIN ZINDAGI HOON" has been nominated for the BEST SOCIAL MOVIE award at the Miniboxoffice International Film Festival. This is the second "Best Film" nomination for this short film.

"MAIN ZINDAGI HOON" was screened at the Miniboxoffice International Film Festival in New Delhi in the month of November 2010. The organizers of the film festival interviewed the director for their "Director's Blog" on the festival's website. The interview can be read on the film festival's website.

This was the second film festival in New Delhi to screen "MAIN ZINDAGI HOON", the first being Friendship International Film Festival, held at the Russian Center for Science and Culture (R.C.S.C) in the month of August 2010.

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